the chadian subsidiary of EXXONMOBIL appoints and rewardsthe safety champion of the year

The Chadian subsidiary of ExxonMobil has just rewarded a CIS Chad employee, Nangadoum Gotyo, housekeeper on komé 5, as «Safety Person» of the year 2020, for his commitment to safety. He worked throughout the year for the safety of all, without limiting himself to his own missions.

Among many other actions, he has, saved teams by avoiding a fire and has shown total commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all of our client’s and CIS’s teams.

The recognition attributed to Nangadoum Gotyo is also a recognition for all of the CIS Chad teams, all of which prioritize safety at work.

This recognition confirms the confidence and satisfaction of its client for the work carried out by the CIS teams.

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